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Plague Inc

Plague Inc
Last Updated:17-Jul-2017 08:53:00


A6000 | Lenovo A6000
OS Version:5.0.2
GPU:Qualcomm Adreno (TM) 306
How well does Plague Inc run on the LENOVO A6000?

Plague Inc on the LENOVO A6000 runs manages a median FPS of 28. If you're looking to play Plague Inc on this device, then hopefully the developer makes some optimisations soon!

Plague Inc's battery life on the LENOVO A6000 is brutal! With less than 3 hours of gaming from a full charge, stay away from this one unless you've got a charge cable handy!

Median FPS28 FPS
Estimated Playtime
CPU Usage
Average Memory Usage
Total Data Downloaded
Power Consumed857mA
FPS Stability
GPU Usage
Peak Memory Usage
Total Data Uploaded